About Us

Areeb is a regional company for SaaS (Solution as a Service) solutions and professional services. With its headquarters in Amman, Jordon, the company has been established to meet the growing regional demand for the digital and technology integration. We also collaborate with startups and enterprises to design, develop, and deliver products that define the future.
We are proud to have a team of experienced and efficient software developers working to ensure that our customers receive the best service. We work with our partners and distributors in Jordon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Georgia, Azerbaijan and we are always striving to expand.


To be the IT company you can rely on for building a software or asking for consultation through maintaining a creative environment and empowering the staff to come up with the best solutions and provide the best customer care.


To deliver high quality, cost effective IT services and products that automate and simplify customer's work utilizing world's most advanced technologies.



Develop new services quickly and flexibly to build efficient, competitive and sustainable transformation communities that will also bring about a radical change in citizen services in the areas of health, education, safety, and security. And their productivity. Also, our solutions and programs seek to use digital transformation methods to change and improve business processes in many sectors, such as personal services and others, which means creating jobs and contributing to economic growth through innovation.

Our Offices